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Our Collaborations

“We are responsible for the world in which we find ourselves, if only because we are the only sentient force that can change it.”

James Baldwin

Each one of us can make a difference and change the world we live in.

We strongly believe that education is the key to financial responsibility. That is the reason why besides offering our clients loan connecting services, we also provide educational resources on Quick Cash Loans’ blog.

Our articles offer simple financial advice and tips to help your budget, rebuild your credit, and choose the right loan products, among other useful information.

In addition to helping our clients to deal with their financial hardships, we are proud to get involved in amazing philanthropic activities.

The Foundation for Financial Planning (FFP)

Our company collaborates with charity organizations

FFP is a nonprofit charity devoted to supporting the delivery of pro bono financial planning, supporting efforts that link volunteer financial planners to people in need.

Quick Cash Loans expressed a great interest in cooperating with FFP. Our consulting support helped individuals and families in need through different FFP grants and programs, offering free professional advice meant to improve their financial situation.

Mumbai Early Childhood Association

Our collaboration with charities is aimed to promote financial education

The Early Childhood Association aims to connect different professionals and support all of those who are committed to the needs, rights, education, and well-being of young children and their families.

Our belief is that the Association’s initiatives must be supported and promoted, that is why Quick Cash Loans became one of the sponsoring organizations. We have provided significant funding and consulting support during different projects, including workshops, parent enrichment programs, and teacher training courses.

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to spreading financial literacy by providing free educational resources and financial advice. We are committed to helping others who share the same principles and objectives. We intend to grow the list of sponsored projects continually.

Here at Quick Cash Loans, we hope that our efforts and initiatives will improve people’s skills to make smart decisions with their money, which in the end will change communities for better.