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Our History

From a chance meeting to a successful joint venture

Our Beginnings

The founders of our company, both of us, Tyler Stephens and Ashley Newman, met in March 2014 at the 74th American Finance Association conference in Philadelphia, where we found we share the same goals and aspirations.

Before bringing the company into existence, our inspiration shaped the mission and the values of Quick Cash Loans. Both of us, Mr. Stephens and Mrs. Newman committed to connecting the loan applicants with reliable and reputable direct lenders while making the borrowing industry more safe, clear, and transparent.

Understanding how important payday loans are to Americans and, at the same time, how dangerous they could be if misused, we also committed to increasing financial literacy, improving people’s skills and abilities to use loans to make the right decisions related to spending and saving money and managing their debt issues.

Our faith in these causes encouraged us to found the Quick Cash Loans in April 2017, which was designed for providing outstanding online lending services. During the last five years, we’ve built strong collaborative relations with the most reliable companies, helping consumers to get access to the loan products that better fit their needs.

We've Been Here for You!

Since 2017, we’ve been growing steadily, treating our clients with respect, and helping them to get access to fast funds when they were in difficult situations while improving their personal finance education. Our relationships were built on honesty and expert guidance.

Quick Cash Loans is committed to helping you to succeed. We help borrowers to get the best loans, connecting our customers with trustworthy direct lenders via a secure online platform. We look forward to becoming your online borrowing choice.