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Our Vision

Education is the key to reaching a bright future. At Quick Cash Loans, we know that it’s important to receive a quality education to gain financial literacy and economic freedom. The first steps are being taken in elementary school. Then the learning process continues at high school and goes beyond into higher education and career training. However, even outside of the formal academic setting, people can find ways to learn and expand their knowledge by reading and seeking educational resources.

Quick Cash Loans wants to support people in their pursuit of knowledge, which is why we are always working on teaching our customers about making smart financial decisions and borrowing money wisely. This year we are also proud to provide the opportunity for dedicated students to earn a scholarship that will help them to offset academic expenses. At the same time, it will help them to focus on what matters: their education.

Quick Cash Loans Scholarship

To help hardworking students to achieve their goals and to support their academic pursuits, once per year, Quick Cash Loans will offer a $500 Achievers Scholarship to current students.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must meet the eligibility criteria listed below.

Students must be eighteen (18) years or older.The student must be enrolled full-time or part-time in a U.S. school, professional trade school, or an accredited college or university.Must be a U.S. citizen or legal resident.Must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.8.

How to Apply

To apply for the Quick Cash Loans $500 Scholarship, applicants should submit a short video (file or link) or infographic (as an attached PDF) along with a 750-word essay on a financial subject to [email protected] on one of the following topics:

– The Art of Budgeting: The Necessary Lesson for Each Student.

– True Wealth is More Than Just Money.

Along with the essay and video or infographic, applicants should also:

Include their complete contact information in the email, including full name, date of birth, and city and state of residence.Submit information about the academic institution they are enrolled at and attach proof of enrollment to qualify for the college scholarship.Like and share at least one social media page from Quick Cash Loans and send the link to prove it via e-mail.


Submit your application for free financial aid by December 31 for the annual scholarship award. Quick Cash Loans will announce the annual scholarship winner on January 15.

Terms and Conditions

The Judgement Process

A panel of the Quick Cash Loans Achiever Scholarship judges will select the winners once they review applications after the contest deadline to avoid early judging or selection. When all applications have been received, the judges will convene to make a decision about the winner who will receive the college scholarship based on merit.

Why You May Be Disqualified

Quick Cash Loans judges will disqualify any essay scholarship work that is not received by the deadline; that has been plagiarized; that does not comply with the stated essay prompts and submission guidelines.

Winner Announcement

Once the judges select a scholarship winner, Quick Cash Loans will notify the recipient of the $500 award via e-mail within two weeks in accordance with the terms and conditions explained below. The winner will also be announced on this website. As such, all applicants agree to have their picture and information published on the website if they win the scholarships as a term of the contest. If the winner does not reply by the date specified in the email they receive about the award, they forfeit the free scholarship money. Quick Cash Loans will select another qualified applicant. Applicants can apply for more than one scholarship, but they can only win the award once.

Final Provisions

Get acquainted with the following final regulations:

The $500 Quick Cash Loans Scholarship prize is explicitly intended to be applied towards student expenses that are directly related to their educational goals. The scholarship is awarded two times a year, each semester. Scholarship recipients are those who have met the eligibility criteria stated, have completed the application requirements, have submitted the application by the deadline, and have been judged as the winner by our panel of Quick Cash Loans judges. Any communication between the scholarship contest applicant and Quick Cash Loans (hereafter “the Company”) will be conducted via e-mail. We recommend that you whitelist the Company’s email address ([email protected]) to avoid losing important emails to spam blockers. Interested candidates may apply for more than one scholarship. There is no cost to apply to scholarships. This scholarship is open to undergraduate and graduate students, including college students, part-time students, full-time students, and high school students — any of these qualifying groups are eligible to win the contest. The winner selection is at the sole discretion of the Company. The winners will be notified via e-mail two weeks after the contest deadline. If the chosen winner does not reply to accept the scholarship within 72 hours of getting the notification from the Company, it has the right to nullify the scholarship offer. Likewise, if the chosen winner refuses to accept the scholarship, the Company reserves the right to prize the scholarship money to another eligible applicant. The selection of the panel of judges representing the Company is final. Should the applicant’s contact information change during the scholarship contest period, it is their responsibility to notify the changes if they will affect the ability of the Company to contact them during the contest period. A student may apply more than once in this scholarship contest. The winners may be asked to provide proof of enrollment or acceptance to a qualifying accredited educational institution. Failure to provide the necessary proof of enrollment or acceptance to an educational program or institution may result in disqualification. Scholarship money may be sent to the educational institution the students are attending according to the information the applicant provides about where the payment should be sent at the academic institution. The scholarship award money may also be released to the winner’s selected bank account or by another payment method as discussed between the recipient and the Company. The Company will make the final decision about the way of handling the payment and it reserves the right to withdraw the scholarship if they cannot determine an agreeable payment solution with the winner. The scholarship applicants agree that if they are selected as the contest winner or finalist, they will submit a recent photo of themselves and a short personal bio for publication on the scholarship page. The Company reserves the right to amend the contest, including a number of available awards, the amount, deadlines, eligibility criteria, application requirements and conditions, and any other related scholarship program information. The Company reserves the right to cancel the scholarship program at any time at their sole discretion. All personal information that applicants provide to the Company as part of the application requirements will be kept confidential as per the Privacy Policy. The Company does not share any contact information with third parties. Questions, concerns, or comments on the scholarship program can be directed to [email protected]. The Company will respond to email inquiries on this topic within 72 hours. A student can be awarded this scholarship only once.

Our Winners

We are pleased to announce the Quick Cash Loans $500 Achiever Scholarship contest winners, who our panel of judges selected among a talented pool of applicants for their dedication to learning and their ambitious visions for achieving their educational goals. With immense pride, we present the most recently awarded winners:

We have selected these scholarship recipients based on the quality of their applications, the strength of their essays, and the creative merit of the accompanying media they submitted for the award.